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Please read the following comments about navigation to take full advantage of navigation aids used within this home page.

Top-level Navigation

Since the last major update, which introduced HTML 4 to the MN Home Page, this page uses frames to increase usability. If you open the MN Home Page the regular way, that is open the index.html entry page, two frames were opened. The left frame contains links to pages hosted at the MN Home Page and links to selected external pages. This frame is an navigation aid to help you browse the pages more quickly. If you open the entry page with a browser that is not capable of viewing frames, you'll see no frames (of course) but just a simple page with the navigation links on it. So either way you'll get the same information.

Page-level Navigation

In addition to the top level navigation discussed in the last paragraph, there are navigation aids in every major page of the MN Home Page. The first and the last line of each major page contains some buttons. Not 'real' buttons like the ones in graphical user interfaces but simply hyperlinks enclosed in square brackets. This makes them look like buttons (well, only somewhat, but you get the idea). Using the first button, you can switch the language for the current page if there's another language available. The second button lets you jump to the bottom or top of the current page quickly (depending on where you currently are). If a page contains sections (having a 'Content' list like this page), you'll find a link to return to the list of sections after each section.

Cross-level Navigation

The buttons after the ones for page-level navigation let you jump between different page levels. As you'll see in the hierarchie below, the MN Home Page currently has three levels. At the top there's only one page: index.html. At the next level you'll find for example the MN Watcom Page. This page has one more level with for example the MN Watcom News Page. At each level you'll find buttons to jump to the levels above.

Your opinion is important! What do you think about this home page? Please use the Feedback page to help improving the usability of this home page. Thanks!



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